Robots Dynamic File in EPiServer

In this blog post, we will create a robots file which will be dynamically generated by using the content of a field in the start page. To generate the file we will implement a http handler that match the request for robots.txt So without more hustle, we will first add the property to the start... Continue Reading →

EPiServer Search Functionality for Blocks

While working in a project, a client decided that the search functionality using EPiServer search needed to take into account also the information inside the blocks. Unfortunately, EPiServer search does not implement this functionality by default (EPiServer Find does), so we decided to search about some possible solutions and we found and interesting post from... Continue Reading →

Basic EPiServer Language Switcher

A language switcher is a common task in any EPiServer implementation. In this blog I will show you how to implement a basic language switcher using the EPiServer API. First, we will create a basic Header Helper class which will help us with the basic functionality public static class HeaderHelper { public static Injected LanguageBranchRepository... Continue Reading →

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