EPiServer – Disable Google Tag Manager by Reading Cookie

Even though this is not completely related to EPiServer, sometimes we need to give our clients the option to disable tracking them when for instance a user does not approve a GDPR modal. In this post, we are going to disable google tag manager which is set in a field in the home page and... Continue Reading →

EPiServer DDS Performance issues

While working on a project, we found an issue with the 404handler community plugin. The problem appeared when we tried to import 60k redirects through the plugin dashboard interface. First, it took at least 5 hours to upload and process the file and even worse, every time we enabled the show redirects checkbox in the... Continue Reading →

Robots Dynamic File in EPiServer

In this blog post, we will create a robots file which will be dynamically generated by using the content of a field in the start page. To generate the file we will implement a http handler that match the request for robots.txt So without more hustle, we will first add the property to the start... Continue Reading →

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