EPiServer – Be Careful using Ignore Properties in Page and Block Models

While developing a project we decided to use properties with the ignore attribute to set some information programatically as well as hide these properties to the editor in some page and block models. A better explanation of this can be found here. Unfortunately, we realized that these properties were causing some issues we did not... Continue Reading →

Custom Products and Products Entries using Metadata Plus configured by an XML file Part I – EPiServer Commerce

EPiServer Metadata Plus allows you to customize the Catalog and Order systems custom in several ways. One way is by creating classes that inherit from ProductContent for Products and VariationContent for Product SKUs and then set attributes to the classes properties in order to configure them as you want. CustomProductEntry [CatalogContentType(GUID = "8d664789-3e96-409e-b418-baf807241f7c", MetaClassName =... Continue Reading →

Generate TinyMCE Editor Profiles by Code

The CMS admin interface allows you to create TinyMCE Editor profiles with out developer interference but unfortunately they must be manually added if you want to migrate them to another environment like QA or Staging One solution for this is to create these profiles by code which will be migrated to your other environments. The... Continue Reading →

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