Sitemap and Robots Generator in Episerver CMS

There are several plugins in the market that can help you with the creation of sitemaps and robots in Episerver, but we decided some time ago to create a new one to solve our own needs in our company and at the same time provide some added value to the current sitemaps plugins. In this... Continue Reading →

Episerver custom error page

When we wanted to use a 404 page for our Episerver projects we used to implement the Getta 404 Handler plugin, but this plugin only allows you to use a static page when a response code 404 appears, and is also limited to that response code. This blog is about how to create an error... Continue Reading →

Episerver settings tab

In Episerver projects there are at least two options to set your site settings. The most common ones are: use a settings page (which does not have a view nor it is navigable) or use the Start Page. We tend to use the second option because the reference to the start page is easy to... Continue Reading →

Episerver site switch for properties

Usually when you have multiple sites in an Episerver implementation your models are inherit by all sites you create under the root node. However, not all the properties in a model are used in all sites. In this post, we are going to address this issue by using an attribute which will hide (not remove)... Continue Reading →

EPiServer Foundation

As part of the EPiServer Ascend event, EPiServer showcased EPiServer Foundation. In this post I am going to explain what it is, what can you use it for, what are some of the pros and cons, and how to install it. So, lets begin !!!! What it is? EPiServer Foundation is an accelerator created by... Continue Reading →

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